An electric skateboard or scotter’s “fuel” is its battery. The speed and power of your skate depends primarily on the electric motor (power in watts, and voltage in volts), but a quality battery influences the performance of your skate.

The capacity of your battery (in Ampere / Hours: “AH “) affects autonomy. The more the capacity, the greater the autonomy of your skate.


After several years of research, Evo-Spirit has chosen 2 types of battery :


batterieSLA Batteries  (Sealed Lead Acid).

Better known in France as the battery “Gel / Lead.” The technology for these batteries is the same as those used in car batteries and scooters, but adapted for the use with constant current for an extended duration and deep discharge.

The advantage of these batteries is their low cost.

The disadvantages compared to lithium batteries are:

  • Low power compared to the weight. Battery 36V – 12 AH weighs 14.5kg.
  • Shorter life, but sufficient for most uses: approximately 150 cycles before loss of autonomy and more than 100 cycles with a correct range (of course depends on the type of use).
  • Low performance: a SLA battery with the same characteristics as a lithium battery will be less effectivet.




Lithium batteries.
Our batteries are made of SAMSUNG lithium cells. The technology of these cells is Lithium-Ion, also known as Li- Ion.

Evo-Spirit has chosen Samsung for the quality, the reliability and the lifespan of their cells. Unlike many batteries of unknown origin, Samsung’s battery have a well established reputation. Several major brands have entrusted Samsung for their batteries, notably for powering motor vehicules such as electric scooters and electric cars.




The advantages are many:

  • High power/weight ratio. A 36V – 13 AH battery weighs only 5.2kg.
  • Long life : Approximately 400 cycles before a loss of autonomy and then 100 cycles with an acceptable autonomy (depends of course on the type of use).
  • Excellent performance : This technology stands a high continuous current. Compared to SLA battery 12 (ie with almost the same capacity) Lithium 13 enables better acceleration, better speed (10-15% faster) and better battery life (25% -30%)
  • Highly recyclable and less polluting than SLA batteries.


Optimizing the life of your battery:

To maximize the life of your battery, here are tips for both SLA and lithium batteries:

  • Once you have used about 20% of your battery, put it on charge.
  • Limit deep discharge (avoid using the skate until it comes to a halt).
  • Avoid forcing the skate for a long time (or using it to climb a steep slope or with several riders aboard) because it then draws a high current from the battery, thus reducing their life span if repeated regularly.
  • Always store your battery charged. The battery will discharge slowly, so when you store it, think about recharging it every other month, and before using your skate after a long period, recharge the battery fully.

The above tips are only designed to maximize the life span of the battery. We advise you not to spoil your rides by thinking about the health of your battery, because even using it without following the tips above, your battery will gradually have a slightly reduced life span but will last long enough, and it is always possible to replace it at a cost which, divided by the number of sessions, is in the range of 1€ or 2€ …