About Evo-Spirit

Evo-Spirit has been a great adventure that began in France in 2008.

One day, the French team saw an electric skateboard, and thought they could make a great deal of improvements.

So “Evolution Electric Skate” was born, quickly renamed Evo-Skate.

In 2015, drawing from experience and expertise in electric mobility, Evo-Skate broadened its range with electric scooters, and changed its name to EVO-SPIRIT

Since the beginning, the EVO-SPIRIT team has constantly improved its electric skateboards and scooters, with the aim of reliability, lightness, autonomy, speed, ease of use …

And innovation is just beginning, new technologies and new options are under development , Evo-Spirit will always offer electric skateboards and scooters at the leading edge of innovation


Evo-Skate, pionnier et leader du skate électrique est aujourd’hui partenaire privilégié des 2 plus importantes associations de skates électriques en France.

The members of the permanent team located on the west coast of France are :

  • Greg Nicholls: Founder and director of Evo-Spirit, Greg is mad about everything which slides, especially on water. An engineer’s training and inventiveness enable him to imagine the electric skateboards and the electric scooters of the future.
  • Benoit Liot: Operational Director, Benoît is an experienced skateboarder and was behind the creation of Evo-Spirit with Greg. He is in charge of sales, after-sales service and day-to-day management of Evo-Spirit.
  • Kim Quentin: Commercial and responsible for communication, Kim goals is to develop Evo-Spirit in France and internationally.
  • Arnaud Letort: ​​R & D engineer, Arnaud is in charge of the technical conception of electric skateboards and electric scooters. His experience in aeronautics allows him to design skates and scooters at the leading edge of technology while optimizing manufacturing costs.
  • Martin Sloth: Webmaster, graphic designer, Martin is in charge of the website, catalogs, photos …


Why choose Evo-Spirit?

Evo-Spirit is one of the oldest brands of electric skateboards, first called “Evolution skate electrique” and then soon renamed “Evo-Spirit”.
We have been doing our upmost since 2008 to offer the best electric skateboards and electric scooters, with the best service, at the best price.

Evo-Spirit has significant resources: We have a research and development center (R & D) for new models, a warehouse for a permanent stock of skates, scooters and spare parts, a hotline to answer your commercial and technical questions and a workshop dedicated to after-sales service

Evo-Spirit has always provided reliable and high-quality products, our experience and knowledge in electric mobility since 2008 have made us stand out by constantly developing new products and accessories and by improving our skates and scooters, both for your safety and for your enjoyment.

Our retailing network will enable you to discover and test Evo-Spirit equipment near where you live.

Choosing Evo-Spirit means choosing the European leader and you will get reliable equipment and quality service.


Sustainable Development

Electric skateboards and electric scooters are motorized vehicles, which unlike most motor sports do not contribute to global warming as do not emit CO2. Moreover, electric propulsion makes the skateboard near-silent, causing no noise pollution.

In addition, electric skates are designed to be environmentally friendly, and made with highly recyclable materials.
Evo-Spirit contributes to recycling by adhering to certified organizations.

Batteries Lead Gel or Lithium (Li-Ion) is recyclable, as long as the user disposes of them at a collection point at the end of their lives.

– Evo-Spirit contributes to the recycling of batteries, being a member and contributing to the Screlec (www.screlec.fr), a certified organization in charge of collecting and processing cells and batteries.

– Electronic components (controller, remote control, receiver, motor) are designed without dangerous materials, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, PBB and PBDE (according to ROHS directive).

– Electronic components are also recyclable, and Evo-Spirit is a member and a contributor of ECOLOGIC (www.ecologic-france.com), a certified organization in charge of collecting and processing waste electrical and Electronic Equipment (DEEE).